Top-notch UGC for your ads or feed in just a few clicks


Our team of copywriters develop custom scripts based on tried-and-true ad frameworks catered to your target customer.


Our network of creators employ the latest video trends + techniques to create scroll-stopping content.


Our editing team will piece together content based on top performing frameworks, allowing you to consistently A/B test.


Our team will work alongside your ad team to ensure that content is optimized based on ad performance.

Some creative examples

Plans for DTC Brands or Ad Agencies

Simple pricing options to suit everyone's needs

Performance Ad Creative

10 UGC Ads / month

3 content creators

Full licensing rights

Creative Brief & Angles

4-Week Delivery

Dedicated Manager

TikTok Product Seeding

20+ TikTok posts

Delivered Every Month

No additional creator fees

Full licensing rights

Creative Brief & Angles

Dedicated Manager

In-House TikTok Creator

1 in-house TikTok creator

Recruit + qualify candidates

4-5 vetted candidates

Creative Brief & Angles

2-Week Delivery

Onboard to your payroll


UGC Factory was founded by Dan Ragan, a growth strategist with 12+ years experience in influencer marketing, interactive experiences and media production. Previously, Dan has worked with brands like Warner Bros, Sony Pictures and The Ellen Show, founded a live streaming startup as well as a pop-up meditation and audio-visual event series. Interested in the intersection of social platforms, interactive technologies, and human experience

Frequently Asked Questions

How much creative direction is required?

As much or as little as you like! We gather as much information as possible during our onboarding phase to ensure we have a strong understanding of your marketing objectives, target personas and brand as a whole.

For our "Performance Ad Creative" package, we offer our clients an ability to provide edits / feedback based on 1) creative brief + 2) selected creators before moving forward.

Do you offer whitelisting?

Yes we do! Our "Performance Ad Creative" package comes with ability to boost ads via the creator profiles. With our "TikTok Product Seeding" package, we can request whitelabel access but may require an additional fee based on creator response.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes! If you engage in a 3-month contract with our "Performance Ad Creative" package, we will improve your ad performance or your money back!

How does product fulfillment work?

We can either pass along 1-time use product codes to our creators, or if you prefer, we can gather names + shipping addresses and pass them along to you.

How is this so affordable?

We believe that creativity can be systematized. With the right process, systems and people in place, we can streamline things to make more time for the creative process 🙏

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